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Brazilian Butt Lifts

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian Butt Lift is a form of Buttocks Augmentation that doesn’t only reshape, but also enhances the size of a patient’s buttock so that it better fits the figure and provides an attractive, prominent buttocks. When performing this surgery, fat from other areas of the body including back, abdomen, hips and thighs is removed by our liposuction specialist. The fat tissue is then used for injection into the buttocks at various depths for a natural look and feel.

Am I a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?
Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for the fat transfer by a Brazilian Butt Lift. Good candidates for fat transfers need to be in good health, have realistic goals about the procedure, and have the pounds to spare in order to produce a good, long-lasting result. Thinner patients may not have enough fat to transfer, and therefore are less likely to be good candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift surgery.

Advantages of the Brazilian Butt Lift
The Brazilian Butt Lift with fat transfer performed by our Board Certified Physician ensures natural-looking results. In addition, with your own tissue, the chances of rejection are greatly reduced.  The Brazilian Butt Lift is performed under Tumescent anesthesia so the patient is awake and alert during the entire procedure, therefore reducing the health risks that general anesthesia often brings.  Minimal discomfort and scarring are also benefits of this procedure. There are also reduced risks of complications such as infection, wound rupturing along the suture areas, or implant exposure. Attractiveness, self-confidence and sex appeal are other benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

How long will the Brazilian Butt Lift last?
The Brazilian Butt Lift results that are obtained after 3 months are permanent if the body weight and body fat percentage are held stable. However, our Board Certified Physician suggests that patients should remember that weight fluctuations will affect your buttock the same way it would before surgery.

What should I expect during my Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure?
The Brazilian Butt Lift is performed by our Board Certified Physician in our outpatient operating room under local anesthesia also known as Tumescent anesthesia. The fat harvested from areas such as abdomen, hip, thighs, or hip is cleansed and purified to isolate the highest quality fat cells to be used for injection to the buttocks. By placing the fat cells close to a blood supply and in between layers of muscle, the harvested cells would likely survive and not be reabsorbed by the body. Fat also contains stem cells which can turn into new tissue, so fat transfer creates new collagen which improves the skin texture and thickness. By injecting the fat at various depths, the patient will get the highest permanent absorption rate and a firm bottom. Our Board Certified Physician makes very small incisions into the buttocks to serve as the entry point for fat transfer. Areas of the buttock with low volume can be restored with fat, while lifting and tightening the skin. This new fullness restores the buttocks to a more youthful shape. The entire procedure may take 90 minutes to four hours. The time frame depends upon multiple factors, including the amount of fat to be removed, treatment area, and the patients desired shape and size of buttocks.

What should I expect after my Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?
Following surgery, the patient will need to wear a special compression garment that will help the healing process and support the buttocks tissue. Patients should refrain from putting too much weight on their buttocks for a few weeks following the procedure. It is also suggested that patients refrain from sitting for prolonged periods of time for a full two weeks. The pressure may displace the fat or cause more of it to be absorbed. The patient should sit on a padded or cushioned surface and not on hard surfaces. Patients should refrain from sleeping flat on their back, as these positions place a lot of pressure on the buttock areas, and this might compromise the desired outcome. Patients should be able to return to work, assuming it is not a job that involved rigorous physical activity, within 2 weeks. After about 2 months, they should experience a full recovery from any pain, swelling, bruising, and soreness, and they should be able to resume intense physical exercise.

On average, one should wait around one month to begin to feel normal, two months before workout, and six months to see final results.

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